Available Artdolls



14″ x 8″ x 6″


july art 003 july art 002 blogger-image--1979489552 blogger-image-1722885824 blogger-image--188821060












16″ x 12″ x8″


DSCN3810 DSCN3812 DSCN3814 DSCN3817 DSCN3819












10″ x 15″ x 6″


DSCN3786 DSCN3791 DSCN3792 DSCN3793










14″x 6″ x 4″


DSCN3516 DSCN3504 DSCN3503 - Copy DSCN3501







14 x 8 x 6


july art 014 july art 015 july art 016 july art 017













12 comments on “Available Artdolls

  1. Hi,

    Is your “Viking Queen” still available for purchase? I would love to adopt her if she is.

    The mermaid portrait you sculpted of another artist’s daughter is beautiful and made me think how cool it would be to have mermaid portraits of my own daughters. I have 3. One would probably want a shark with her, one would like a porpoise, and the oldest might like one of those frilly camouflage seahorses or a puffer fish. Do you have an idea of approximate cost for a mermaid portrait sculpture with pet? Thank you so much.

    Karen Pursel


    • Hi Karen,
      Sorry for the delay, I was out of town moving my father in law from one nursing home to another.
      The Viking Queen is still available and would love to come stay at your house.
      You have options with portrait pieces. The mermaid I just finished is about 14-16 inches with the tail. This size allows for more detail and a better recreation of the person’s likeness in addition to adding for life-like accessories. This size and detail costs $1,200. If more than one figure is made of family members, I drop the cost to $1,000 per piece since most families have common features of the face which make it easier to sculpt the next one.
      I also sculpt 6-8″ figures which have a little less detail. They will still have natural fiber hair like the larger pieces. These cost $600 per figure; once agin I will reduce the cost for multiple family figures to $500 per sculpt.
      The lat option I have is a 5″ figure which is all sculpted including the hair. These are usually cake toppers for weddings. The would cost $250 per figure with no price reduction for multiple figures.
      Have a great day!


      • Hi Mark,
        The Viking Queen is glorious…..absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. Small problem – her raised foot has separated completely from where it is placed on the troll. Can you tell me what kind of glue I should use to reattach? Also, do you remember if the weight bearing knee was also attached to the troll? I can ‘t tell, but that leg is a little wobbly. I know that shipping is pretty hard on ooak sculptures. And finally, would you be willing to send me a COA for Viking Queen? I didn’t check for a signature because she is a little unstable right now. So…..thank you…..thank you! I love her and want everyone to know who created her.
        <3, Karen


  2. Oh hooray! OK then….consider the Viking Queen as adopted! Do you want to send me a PayPal, etc. bill? Or I can send a check or a bunch of one dollar bills. You may have posted how payment is made, but if so, I forgot. Please let me know….again, if applicable.
    The large mermaids sound wonderful. I think I am going to get a real income back sometime this year, so as soon as I save the money, I will contact you about them.
    Thanks so much.


  3. Hi Mark, Vanessa arrived perfectly! – thanks. I love that little steampunk fairy – is she available? Regards Ray.


  4. Hi,
    Will you have Any of those beautiful necklaces for sale here? Would love one! Not fast enough at the show! Great seeing you! Jx


  5. Ray,
    Thank you. Glad to have her in your collection. She is special to me as well since she is a portrait sculpt of a dear artist friend from Norway.
    “Vanessa” is available. I was holding onto her for a portrait demonstration at the Quinlan Show in Philly which is coming in the last few days of April but I am using another local model for that presentation instead.
    She will list at $1,200.00 but I can offer her to you for $1,000.00 if you are interested.
    Thanks for the interest.


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