October 2016

Had a wonderful week at the shore and did some sculpting on the beach.

This piece started off simple enough as a portrait of a young man. On the first day it rained and as we all sat in the beach house, I did the basic rough-in and was heading toward a simple study of facial structure.

Day two the rain broke and I headed to the beach to sculpt while enjoying the wild surf and wind from the remains of the storm which rolled through.


As the week progressed, the young man became a pirate and finally a demigod of the ocean. As the tide retreated, we found inhabitants which are now represented among the waves which surround his torso; hermit crabs, starfish, shells and stones, and even a skate which the local fisherman caught and released. He will be patinaed and on display in the garden at our sculpture garden opening this month.

Markfullsizerender-5fullsizerender-2Here is the finished piece with bronze powder paint and chemical patina now mounted on a beam and stone base.