imageimageimageI am now offering epoxy portraits in addition to the polymer clay portraits. Epoxy portraits are made from a two-part epoxy mix which is stabilized for exterior use. The process is simple; I need a set of photos of the subject from the front and the side (an additional 3/4 or candid shot of the person will help get a little more character into the sculpture) then I sculpt a 3/4 life-sized portrait of the person. You will get images from me to approve the sculpting then it will be coated with paint which is filled with bronze powder so a patina can be done on the bronze using cold washes of chemicals. The finished piece is coated with an outdoor sealant and is ready to ship to you. You will have options of pose and patina.  Cost start at $250 (USD) plus shipping.

Contact me and let’s talk about your project: 717.669.4924